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Doing something different

Sooo I haven't done much outside of jewelry in many years. 

This brother's wedding!

He allowed (yes allowed lol) me to create the Message in a bottle wedding favors he and his wife wanted and SHE asked me to do the flowers.  I was on the fence, but i took the job on.  They both loved the flowers and so do I.  See them all below.   I'll include the inspiration pictures she sent me.

Here are the pis she sent for inspiration.  A Fully blingy bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets and groom and groomsmen's boutinierres.

Loyalty & Thankfulness

So.  I am greatly considering adding a loyalty program to All Over You Designs.

Looked the word up at and found this definition:

The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

September Daily Earring Challenge

Sooo i was invited within one of my FB jewelry groups (because who belongs to just ONE FB Group?) to join a challenge.  The challenge is to produce a pair of earrings for each day in September - resulting in a total of 30 pair of earrings.


Today is the 16th Day and i have 15 pairs done already.  True some are fairly simple pairs (but hey, even i get tired sometimes lol) and some are very nice.  I've also used this as a chance to learn new techniques.

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